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インターネットラジオ 音楽 無料 ラジオエーゲ海 インディーズ東京

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インターネットラジオ 音楽 無料 ラジオエーゲ海 インディーズ東京


<For Participating Artists>

Musical pieces which you sent to Bomb The Kingdom will be rebroadcasted in the
regular program of RadioEigekai "Indies Tokyo"
Before playing the musical pieces in Indies Tokyo,at least an week before of
the date for broadcasting concerned musics,Indies Tokyo informs broadcasting
schedule to concerned artists.

Now you have your own radio space. Send your latest work to Bomb The Kingdom for broadcast..

Also, Bomb The Kingdom provides personal booth for all of the participated
artists. Renewalment of contents of the booth is not automatic;however, we
renew the contents when we recieve some newest information from you.
You could send text,photo and video clip(Youtube , MySpace, Vimeo, Daily Motion), evrything you like .
However,thing you think to send us must be readymade.


Starting & program renewal time for the program "Bomb The Kingdom" in regions

Start of the program will be passed few minutes from the time indicatedbelow.
When a former program is end,a new program be started.

インターネットラジオ 音楽 無料 ラジオエーゲ海 インディーズ東京 インターネットラジオ 音楽 無料 ラジオエーゲ海 インディーズ東京
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